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What would it feel like to “Test Drive” your Resort Lot before you buy it?

You try on a shirt before you purchase it it to make sure it fits! Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same thing when considering buying your new Resort lot?

Well, you can at Dorchester Ranch Resort!

You have the opportunity to bring your own RV and stay on one of our large serviced lots, play a game of golf, meet the neighbours, have a camp fire, check out the whole community, and “test drive” your new lifestyle by spending a few nights with us — all before you purchase your lot.

You will fall in love not only with the development, but with our Village located just 6 km from the Ranch. You can take your time, go into the Village, investigate where you are going to buy your groceries, eat a meal and see what your life would look like for a day or two if you owned in this community.

This will provide a real sense of what owning a lot at the Ranch is really like before you chose to Stake Your Claim!

So even if you have to spend a few dollars to take a community on a test drive, it is certainly well worth it, whether you end up buying it or not!

Space is limited so do not delay in booking your Stay & Play “Test Drive”.

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